Chicago, Ill.—August 23, 2011——Industrial Careers Pathway® (ICP), an initiative supported by a coalition of trade associations serving the industrial distribution (ID) sector, named Chris Stevens, Group General Manager, ITW Devcon as a Charter ICP Ambassador and introduced its “ICP Ambassadors” program to communicate the benefits of working in the industrial distribution field to young people across North America, including Massachusetts. ICP volunteers were invited to become Charter ICP Ambassadors because of their proven commitment to increasing awareness and bringing young people to careers in industrial distribution. 
As an ICP Ambassador, Mr.Stevens has already been involved in activities to help inform community groups, educators and students about industrial distribution, spread the word about preparing for industrial careers, and assist young people who want to work in the field gain some experience and expertise.
“Industrial distributors are in every community across the country,” said Mr. Stevens, “But many young people don’t know enough about this critical link in the global supply chain to look for work there. We hope to change that, because our industrial distribution partners are looking for good people to work in this great field.”
Industrial Careers Pathway is a multifaceted North American workforce initiative supported by an alliance of industry associations that addresses the need for a skilled industrial distribution and manufacturing sales and customer service workforce today and tomorrow. Industrial distributors employ more than 3 million people at more than 80,000 businesses across North America. ICP links students and job seekers to career paths in industry and manufacturing through awareness, preparation and connections with employers.
For more information about efforts being made by ICP to address the need for a skilled industrial distribution workforce, visit, or contact ICP at or +1.312.516.2100.