ITW WindGroup provides solutions for OEMs, contractors and owners in the wind energy industry - specializing in Turbine Structural Adhesives, Repair Compounds, Protective Coatings, Sealants, Lubricants and Cleaners, Electrical Potting and Encapsulants, Epoxy Grouting, Chocking and Anchoring Systems, and Mold Releases.

ITW WindGroup is an association of manufacturing companies within Illinois Tool Works sharing a common interest in the emerging Wind Energy market; with an emphasis on exploring unmet product needs for participants within this industry.

Our mission is to offer ITW’s wide array of leading edge technologies and capabilities in product development and implementation; for providing solutions to challenging problems encountered by businesses and organizations involved in the Wind Energy market.

Our goal is the development of new, innovative products through a focused attention to and an understanding of current product preferences; specific needs; and channel preferences of participants in the Wind Energy market.

Our focus includes developing strategic relationships with businesses in various areas of the industry such as OEM, Engineering, Specialty Fabrication, Construction & Maintenance, to jointly explore their unmet product needs and ideas. With this, we can begin to investigate and engineer solutions.

Your Participation is significant. Developing problems of the industry are best identified by businesses that operate within it. We hope that you see the value of our venture and invite your company to host a meeting with your personnel and ITW WindGroup representatives.

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